"If you're short on kicks, there's always the latest way to break your neck."

And then there were the days when a good old desk used to be a waste paper basket with drawers where you could conveniently lug around slitting wrists at the edge of the piles-a-files. The first glitch is we, as human beings, have made too many wrong mistakes. Like inventing the outlandish gadget, which does little more than redefining a desk to a waste paper basket with circuits, popularly known to mortal souls as a computer. Sooner than you could spell the word 'Integrated Circuits', it became another paraphernalia of the Kooky. The second glitch is that computer technology has begun to move faster than anything else . Which brings us to the amorphous blob of the Internet and the vast scaffold of the World Wide Web. One of my idiosyncrasies is to be o n the dashboard of state-of-art techie lore and like it or not, that can be as intoxicating as a goblet of golden ambrosia. So while my human equivalents out there cavil over Gulf wars and gorky WhiteWaters, I am cosily ensconced in my chair, blanket and all, lurking in the rigorous techno-wilderness of cyberdom.

Here I have a wagon load of caboodle on the latest technologies of the world (which are known for their propensity to send the most geeky of nerds somersaulting) all shoehorned into one page.

"Between two dumb things, I always pick the one I have never tried before."

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"My interest is in the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."


If you know anybody who knows anybody in the brass plaque business or has an acquaintance in the higher echelons of the Nobel prize giving organizations, please befriend me. I will be more than delighted to know you. :) Seriously though, feel free to get in touch with all the comments, suggestions etc you might have regarding these no-holds-barred endeavors.

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